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Cryptomage Cyber Eye
All-seeing, full-network protection

DIFFERENCE: Cryptomage Cyber Eye provides network security like no other

Cryptomage Cyber Eye offers a unique approach to network traffic analysis, with a combination of protocol behavior, packet analysis, and host communications behavior analysis. While the majority of security solutions focus only on user and host behavior, Cryptomage Cyber Eye also incorporates unusual low-level network behavior.

In this way, the solution analyzes network protocol and host activity with our groundbreaking network steganography expertise. This includes detection and prevention of unknown or hidden network traffic, communication, and information/data, such as when a TCP/ IP has been intentionally modified to allow illegal botnet operations to occur.

While Cryptomage Cyber Eye is always evolving, armed with AI and machine learning capabilities, it is also designed to integrate and interact with other security solutions to increase threat detection. This means you can combine our unique network analysis capabilities with other security tools to achieve even greater levels of threat detection.

Sector-specific security
Cryptomage Cyber Eye is designed to meet the business challenges in a wide range of industries:
  • financial services (banking, insurance)
  • telecommunications (operators, providers)
  • utilities (including critical infrastructure)
  • government
  • military
  • manufacturing
  • healthcare
  • pharmaceutical

All attack-ready

Cryptomage Cyber Eye can detect and predict network-based threats, such as:

  • hidden network traffic
  • unknown network steganography
  • botnet C2 communication
  • malware activity
  • 0-day attacks
  • DDoS
  Threat detection
  Steganography detection
  Network monitoring
  Event management


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